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Hey, y'all.

I'm a big fan of southern cookin / soul food (same food, different cooks, dig?).  I was born and raised in rural west GA where i feasted upon all manner of boiled, fried, and raw delicacies, including okra, cornbread, squash, pork chops, fried chicken livers, greens 'n' fatback, and tons of other stuff that is really bad for my cholestorol.

Here's my question:

I'm cooking some kudzu jelly for the first time.  (Ever had it?  Yummy.)  I harvested a ton of the purple blossoms this afternoon, but i noticed that only the bottom half of the blossom was fully bloomed.  (That is, there were open flowers at the bottom of the bloom, but the flowers on the top half weren't open yet.)  Will this affect the quality of my jelly?  Do the blossoms need to be FULLY open to make it right?

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