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bon soir, everyone!

i expect i'm gonna be a bit of an odd duck here - an asian kid that grew up in New Jersey, now living in Wisconsin - but i've fallen in love with the soul/african food i've been exposed to.

i'd never had collards until earlier this year, when i started working at an Ethiopian restaurant. i tried the gomen once when i was learning the menu and inexplicably fell in love. when the boss wasn't looking, i could've sneaked bites of kitfo or zilzil tibs or all manner of the high-ticket items, but i always found myself longing for that underappreciated container of greens sitting on the steam table.
hot damn.
i quit about a month before the place closed, but am still very much in love with the cuisine. in fact, i'm planning on whippin' up a feast of doro wat, yeasa tibs, kitfo (regular and lebleb), misir alicha, and, of course, gomen when a friend (who lived in Ethiopia for two years, incidentally) comes to visit for T'giving.

tonight, with my world falling apart from stress in all directions, i got in my kitchen and whipped up a good-sized pot of greens with bacon, garlic, and onions. ate two bowls full of greens, and slurped down the balance of pot likker. THAT, my friends, was comfort food.
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